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Mai Sami

Hi, I’m Mai Sami, a passionate girl of fashion and styling since my early childhood. I grow up in a small family of father, mother,and my only sister. I studied communication engineering at AEA as a part of my science passion and youth ambition too. After graduation, i was keen to load my self with as much knowledge of my old passion as i can, so i decided to invest in myself in this direction and started special courses in fashion styling, and accessories making. Then i carried on to become a fashion stylist and influencer along with being a radio presenter and in which i expanded my search to finally have my own online fashion program under my name.

My passion will never stop until i make sure that my views and perspective in fashion and styling is expanding to a very large scale of girls of whom may have the same interest to finally be able to present themselves in a right way in the society ,their careers, and life. My passion started and im racing the time to achieve my goal…